A group of experienced and motivated professionals who endlessly offer continuing education and networking opportunities to professionals in APAC and Middle East. Our expert speakers and instructors deliver relevant and applicable business solutions that are tailored to the needs of industry professionals. Being forward thinkers, we provide business solutions through innovative trainings and conferences, which combine academic expertise and experience with best practices applicable to your business. As a result, our clients receive the best theoretical and hands-on business solutions that will help them to not only sustain a competitive advantage but also to emerge as successful global leaders in the corporate world.

Rembell Group offers an impressive range of technical and soft skills trainings and conferences to a large number of organizations from different industries as follows:

– Oil & Gas – Manufacturing
– Telecommunications – Logistic & Supply
– Power & Utility – Construction
– Financial & Banking – Legal & other industries


Quality policy

Quality policy in Rembell Group says: β€œTo obtain permanent improvement of business solutions in order to successfully meet the actual and implied needs of our clients.” This will be achieved by continuous quality improvement in all business processes, using the most advanced business solutions, continual efforts in creating loyal clients through the system of feedback information, expanding the range of services and selecting experts primarily on the basis of their ability and pre-defined criteria and finally continuously aiming and delivering maximum customer satisfaction.


Our mission is to achieve permanent and reliable business solutions to our clients by transferring knowledge, practical demonstrations and innovative ideas through our trainings and conferences. Moreover, following the growing expectations of current and future clients we constantly improve and enhance our services in line with changing environment and expectations.


To become loyal partner and business solution provider for companies in APAC and Middle East region. The basic credo of the company is to provide reliable business solutions and belief in the business with the highest ethical standards, meaning fair and honest relationship with clients, employees and business partners. With an aim to achieve the vision, Rembell Group will pursue sustained growth by promoting existing and creating new training and conferences following the changes in business and social environment.

Why Rembell Group Trainings?

  • Value for money – We believe that our prices together the quality of what you receive makes Rembell Group the market leader.
  • You will learn an enormous amount in a short period of time.
  • Each training is prepared with the utmost attention to detail and supported by comprehensive materials.
  • You will see real benefits for your business by improved performance and increased revenue by avoiding financial pitfalls and reclaiming your entitlements.
  • You will have a thoroughly enjoyable time and ambiguous network opportunities with people in a similar interest, receiving the latest up-to-date information from recognized experts in their field.