Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting Masterclass

Maximizing productivity and profitability by integrating effective planning, budgeting and forecasting processes


June 15, 2015 - 8:30 am


June 16, 2015 - 5:30 pm


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Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting Masterclass is a comprehensive course aiming to help participants develop and sustain ‘value-add’ budgeting and forecasting disciplines that are useful to any organization and relevant to changing business climate. However most organisations – especially the business managers – are highly dissatisfied with the traditional budgeting and associated planning processes.

Instead of being widely criticized in many organizations the budget should become a flexible, continuous process that links strategy to planning, highlights operational ineffciencies and sets targets accurately.

Facilitated by Director, Beyond Budgeting Round Table Member and Certified Balanced Scorecard Master  Practitioner

Budgeting and Forecasting Masterclass by Alan Fell and Rembell Group

Alan Fell

Who Should Attend

CFO’s, Chief Operating Officers, Directors, Chief Accountants, Business Units & Departmental Managers, Managers, Analysts, Controllers, Advisors and Heads of :
– Finance                                                         – Strategic Business Unit
– Budgeting and Control                            – Performance Management
– Planning and Control                               – Sales and Marketing
– Forecasting and Cost                               – Purchasing
– Management Accountants                     – Business Development
– Business Planning                                     – Credit Management

Benefits of Attending This Training

•    Understand the problems associated with traditional budgeting and how modern budgetary techniques can provide real support to managers
•    Learn about the “Beyond Budgeting” concept from a member of the Beyond Budgeting Round Table
•    Study advanced techniques in forecasting and how it differs and aligns to budgeting
•    Recognize the concept, benefits and practicalities of using “Rolling” rather than fixed / traditional budgeting
•    Learn how to use the different but aligned disciplines of Forecasting and Budgeting to complement each other
•    Ensure that you achieve effective alignment of strategy, business planning and budgeting
•    Understand how budget monitoring can fit in with business performance measurement

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 In-House Training
If you have group of people with similar needs and you are looking for more cost – effective approach , Rembell Group will bring this course directly to your workplace. Further, this course can be customized to fit specific requirements and needs of your organization. For more information on this kindly contact us at :





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