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Design Thinking is a structured and tested methodology of problem solving, product design and process improvement that is user-focused.


June 16, 2019 - 8:30 am


June 17, 2019 - 5:00 pm


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Embracing change quickly, being relevant in a fast-paced environment, being nimble in encountering the reality of uncertainty or being able to lead in this ambiguous world requires individuals, departments and organizations to be able to create new creative solutions.

Design Thinking is a structured and tested methodology of problem solving, product design and process improvement that is user-focused. Design Thinking refers to both creativity and critical thinking used during the process to bring value to the organization and its customers. By adopting Design Thinking principles, a business can not only identify the latent needs of end users but also develop innovative prototypes to meet the needs, thereafter validate and test them before execution or launch.

Participants, will experience what it means to truly implement Design Thinking in their day to day jobs and lives, and test how effective the principles in solving problems or designing solutions.

Facilitated by  Speaker, Skills Facilitator, Director and award winning Coach
– Seelan V. Karthi

Design Thinking Trainer Rembell Group

Who Should Attend

Executives and Managers from any given department who have the passion for innovation to solve an organization and  user’s problems. This includes, Business Transformation leaders, R&D, Project Developers, Marketing, Sales, Engineering, IT, Finance, Supply Chain and HR.
We recommend this course to all professionals who are using or wish to use design thinking to optimise business performance at a variety of levels in a wide range of industries.

Key Benefits to Attendees

• Discover ways to build up courage to think differently and creatively
• Apply Design Thinking methodology for new creative solutions
• Be human centered in understanding user or business problems
• Identify wicked problems based on users’ pains points and goals
• Propose a range of creative ideas as solutions for the problem
• Design and build actual prototypes to be tested by the users
• Formulate an action plan to apply Design Thinking with ease in the organization
• Learn how other organizations use Design Thinking to improve their products, services and processes for profit and satisfaction

Course Outline


Module 1: Principles of Design Thinking
• Understand if you are a Creative Thinker or Critical Thinker
• Appreciate the benefits and importance of Design Thinking
• Recognize qualities of great Design Thinkers and Innovators of today’s world
Activity: Games, Group Activity, Group Discussion and Facilitation

Module 2:  Creativity, Innovation & Design Thinking Methodology
• Reignite the creativity within you that will shape the future
• Discover the adoption of real innovation
• Understand Design Thinking Methodology
Activity: Case Studies, Videos, Group Discussion and Facilitation

Module 3: Persona – Being human centric and caring
• Understand the definition of persona
• Appreciate the importance to care about the users in today’s business world
• Develop a customer persona which include their frustration, behavior and goals
Activity:  Group Activity, Group Discussion and Facilitation

Module 4:  Problem – Identifying the right issue
• Understand the definition of problem
• Recognize the importance to frame the right user challenge and pain
• Discover the user’s problem that needs to be solved
Activity:  Group Activity, Group Discussion and Facilitation


Module 5: Ideate – Generating a range of creative solutions
• Understand the definition of ideate
• Discover the importance to generate widest range of solutions
• Generate ideas and discover solution(s) using a hypothesis method
Activity:  Group Activity, Group Discussion and Facilitation

Module 6: Prototype – Build to think and learn
• Understand the definition of prototype
• Comprehend the importance to building a real prototype as innovators
• Experience building actual innovative prototypes fast and with minimal cost
Activity:  Group Exercise, Group Discussion and Facilitation

Module 7: Pivot or Persevere – Validate the solution and refine
• Understand the definition of pivot and persevere
• Recognize the importance to learn about the solution from the users
• Experience validating prototypes from the user for learning and refinement
Activity:  Exercise, Group Discussion and Facilitation

Module 8: Personal Design Thinking Action Plan
• Create your own customer persona.
• List to plan and resources to build a prototype and experiment for validation
Activity:  Exercise and Facilitation

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