Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Skills Masterclass Kuala Lumpur

Emotional Intelligence And Leadership Skills Masterclass is the course that will introduce new ways of thinking, behaving and delivering proven business strategies to significantly increase your results.


November 1, 2017 - 8:00 am


November 2, 2017 - 5:00 pm


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Emotional Intelligence And Leadership Skills Masterclass is the course that will introduce new ways of thinking, behaving and delivering proven business strategies to significantly increase your results.
Emotional Intelligence is the type of intelligence shown to make a truly successful communicator, manager, negotiator, influencer and leader. This course uncovers methodologies and techniques to help you balance and master this combination of mind-set and business strategies. All this will enable you to:
a) Believe in and realise the potential you have to become a peak performing leader
b) Become more focused and productive
c) Help you get more from your people than you ever have before and
d) Ensure you achieve improved results and greater success

Facilitated by Leadership Coach, Trainer, Author and Speaker – Tony Brooks

Who Should Attend

This course is relevant for all those looking to improve their personal performance, productivity, communication, negotiation and influencing skills in the workplace. This includes managers, leaders, specialists, directors and C level management from all sectors.

Key Benefits to Attendees

Participants will be able to master and balance the rare combination of Leadership Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Business strategies and Leadership skills by:

* Learning how to develop your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills to get the best out of yourself and others. Research shows EQ to impact on leadership success more than IQ!
You will be provided with a leadership assessment tool before the course, that will assess your performance in a number of areas, including EI
* Focusing on your self-leadership. Working continually to keep your thinking positive, yourself motivated and energized, with a strong sense of self belief to realise your full potential
All course attendees will be provided access to a self study video course on the subject of Self Leadership on completion of the training
Building a strong personal identity, an identity and character as a leader that will gain respect and loyalty. It is also about building an identity for your organization that will display you in the most positive ways
* Developing a clear goals and direction for where you intend to go. A shared vision that is ambitious and inspiring to everyone
* Seeing your people in a positive way, engaging them closely on the journey to success and continually developing them to get the very best from your people
* Improving communication on a daily basis. Making sure you come from a place of empathy and understanding, so you can build positive long lasting relationships within your organization and outside.
* Planning, delivering and serving people so that your promises and goals are realized
Practical exercises will be carried out throughout the day to embed the learning (solo, small groups and full group discussions)

Course Outline


Being A Great Leader
–    Group Exercise – The most important traits of great leaders

The Importance Of Self-Leadership
•    Key Areas of self-leadership – Awareness, Knowledge, self-management, reflection, inspiration, self-motivation, Action
•    Why stress has become such a big issue in leadership
•    How a positive mind-set can impact on results

Self-Awareness and Self-Management
•    The importance of emotional intelligence in self-leadership
•    The first 3 stages of emotional intelligence
–    Group Exercise – Emotional Intelligence Case Study

The Impact of Positive Insight
•    How you view self, others and your situation
•    Perceptual filters
•    Shifting your filters to be more optimistic and achieve results

Handling Negative Thinking and Beliefs
•    The 4 step PI Leadership process
•    Working within your Circle of Influence
•    Personal Constraints
–    Exercise – Resolving Personal Constraints
•    The importance of challenge
•    Negative language

Personal Brand and Identity
•    Understanding your personality type
•    Myers Briggs
•    Managing different personality types – conflicts in dimensions
•    Problem solving with different types
–    Role play exercise  – Handling different personality type

Personal Values
–    Reflection Exercise – Your highest values and philosophy as a leader
•    Working in line with your values

Clarifying Your Own Personal Vision and Goals
•    The importance of strategic vision and direction as a leader

Long and Short Term Planning
–    Solo Exercise – 3 year vision, 90 day plan

Time Management
•    How to be effective with your time as a leader
•    Importance/Urgency Matrix
•    Default Diary and Daily planning
–    Group of 3 Exercise – What are your highest priority tasks?

Developing Effective Personal Habits
•    Group of 3 Exercise – 4 Habits questions


Servant Leadership
•    How you will achieve through your people

Flexing Your Leadership Style
•    The 6 main leadership styles
–    Group Of 3 Exercise – Your leadership style

Situational Leadership
•    The Situational Leadership model to facilitate delegation
•    The 4 stage coaching model

EI – Empathy and Relationship Management
•    Developing your emotional intelligence with others
•    Individual Exercise – Where are your challenges?

Developing A Positive Company Culture
•    Organisation and Team culture
•    The XY theory of leadership
•    The Losada Line
•    Fish Philosophy
•    Company values and recruitment
–    Group Exercise – Values for your team or organisation

Engaging Your People
•    The importance of engagement on business results
•    Engaging people with your vision and on the journey

Communication Skills
•    Building Rapport
•    Open Questioning
•    Negotiation – The Agreement Frame, Chunking
•    Communicating message effectively
–    Group Exercise – A difficult communication

Meeting Skills
•    Agendas, Chairing meetings and Action minutes
•    6 thinking hats and parallel thinking
–    Group Exercise – Setting an agenda

 Influence and Persuasion
•    The 8 key principles of influence
•    The importance of influencing people inside and outside your organisation

Keeping Your Team On Track 
•    Working to your plan
•    Keeping your team inspired and motivated
•    Key Performance Indicator dashboards (KPIs)
•    Group Exercise – What are your key measures?

For the full outline of the program kindly contact us at info@rembellgroup.com
In-House Training
If you have group of people with similar needs and you are looking for more cost – effective approach, Rembell Group will bring this course directly to your workplace. Further, this course can be customized to fit specific requirements and needs of your organization. For more information on this kindly contact us at: iht@rembellgroup.com





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