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Mind Mapping & Strategic Thinking - The uses of these two techniques are limited only by the human imagination and mind mapping is already used successfully as a business tool by many from planning tasks through to solving complex business challenges.


December 16, 2018 - 8:00 am


December 20, 2018 - 5:00 pm


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Closing Year with Flying Colours…

To a New Year Success Tony Swainston & Rembell Group

December 2018 , Dubai & Kuala Lumpur – Post course feedback from our EI expert Tony Swainston on this year’s third session of our flagship course “Emotional Intelligence for Leadership Success :

“My recent ‘Emotional intelligence for leadership success’ two day courses in both Dubai and Kuala Lumpur were for me a tremendous success. A key factor in this was the immense support offered by Rembell, who organised and administered all of the details for the training programs with immaculate professionalism.

The second key factor was the great enthusiasm of the participant. Coming from a variety of organisations and with a range of responsibilities they all shared the same desire to find out more about how emotional intelligence could further their own leadership expertise and therefore lead to greater success for their business.


I have spent a number of years working with people in many countries around the world exploring how they can enhance their leadership skills. Emotional intelligence is critical to all of this. In many ways what emotional intelligence is can be expressed in a few words – an understanding of ourselves, how we can manage ourselves, having empathy with other people and managing and leading other people – but fully appreciating the immense influence of this on both ourselves and those around us requires both thought and action.

For those committing to improving their emotional intelligence my two-day course offers them the opportunity to reflect on why emotional intelligence is so important, what emotional intelligence is all about, how they can use emotional intelligence in their daily life both at work and more broadly, and deciding on specific actions that they can take as they develop their own emotional intelligence.

The course is designed to be enjoyable and thought-provoking. Activities throughout the two days are carefully constructed in order that they provide both new knowledge and the time to explore their personal ideas and thoughts have all the aspects of emotional intelligence with other people.”

Once again, thank you Tony for making this and all other courses successful, and now when you are regular Rembell Group family member we are looking to see you even more often in new year.

Rembell Group Team

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