Finance for Non-Financial Managers - Kuala Lumpur

This practical course is designed for Managers with a non financial expertise, Executives who want to update their knowledge, Leaders with limited experience with finances, and Decision-makers who lack formal financial training


April 24, 2018 - 8:30 am


April 25, 2018 - 5:30 pm


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Finance for Non Financial Managers is an intensive, two day dive into the world of money, numbers, reports, and data. Managers with little formal, business school education in finance and accounting will understand key terms, demystify the data, interpret financial statements, learn to use numbers in decision-making.

Managers often fear finance, they are worried that gaps in their knowledge will disadvantage them and put them in difficult situations, perhaps even resulting in misjudged decisions. This program gives delegates’ the confidence, knowledge and skills to make decisions and deliver a bigger and better impact on their organisation’s performance.

Facilitated by Key Word List Finance Trainer, Author, Qualified Accountant (CIMA) – Nigel Wyatt 


Amazon best-selling Author: 
“Excellence in Leadership & Management” 
“Essential Guidelines: Budgeting an Forecasting

Finance for Non-Financial Managers Rembell Group

Who Should Attend

This practical course is designed for
–    Managers with a non financial expertise
–    Executives who want to update their knowledge
–    Leaders with limited experience with finances
–    Decision-makers who lack formal financial training
–    Leaders looking to make better presentations to their CEOs, CFOs or board members.
–    Individuals with backgrounds in creative, scientific, or technical fields including vice presidents, regional directors, general managers, directors, and partners from a wide range of industries and departments such as:
∙    Strategy and Planning
∙    Operations
∙    Procurement / Supply Chain
∙    Sales / Marketing
∙    Human resources
∙    Engineering / Technology
∙    Research
∙    IT
∙    Design

Key Benefits to Attendees

–    Understand performance measurement and the links between managers’ actions and company performance
–    Master the core concepts, terms, and techniques of finance and accounting
–    Improving business decisions to deliver more profit and better cash flows with reduced risk
–    Contribute to improving working capital and cash management
–    Reduce costs and manage more profitably
–    Study the financial ratios trend of the company, to identify areas need for improvement
–    Build budgets and forecasts and proactively manage budgets
–    Utilise financial analysis, tools and techniques to improve decision-making and presentation of proposals
–    For every issue, concept and strategy discussed, a practical scenario of applying principles will be delivered followed by relevant case studies and best practices

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In-House Training
If you have group of people with similar needs and you are looking for more cost – effective approach, Rembell Group will bring this course directly to your workplace. Further, this course can be customized to fit specific requirements and needs of your organization. For more information on this kindly contact us at:




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