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In a world of increasing customer expectations, crowded markets and more customer choice, tighter budgets, the role of the salesperson has never been more important – our research shows that people buy from people and businesses that they trust, that are responsive and that ‘deliver’!


February 24, 2019 - 8:30 am


February 25, 2019 - 5:30 pm


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In a world of increasing customer expectations, crowded markets and more customer choice, tighter budgets, the role of the salesperson has never been more important – our research shows that people buy from people and businesses that they trust, that are responsive and that ‘deliver’!

Maximising Your Sales Effectiveness Masterclass is stimulating and practical masterclass that will enable you to…
•    Develop a proactive, targeted approach to creating more sales opportunities
•    Improve your face to face selling skills to ‘make the sale’!
•    Negotiate effectively to create win-win relationships
•    Develop relationship building skills and processes to maximise opportunities
•    Build trusted ongoing relationships with your customers

It consists of…
•    A pre – programme assessment tool to help you evaluate your current strengths and weaknesses and prepare for the training to ensure you maximise it
•    2 days of stimulating, interactive and participative training workshops
•    Proven ‘sustainable’ toolkits, templates and methodologies that you can use way after the masterclass is over!
•    Online resources and support after the training

Facilitated by a Business Improvement Expert, Author, Consultant and Motivational Speaker with over 20 years’ experience of helping businesses achieve more – Andy Hanselman

Andy-Hanselman Rembell Group


Amazon selling author of 3 books including latest

“The 7 Characteristics Of Dramatically And Demonstrably Different Businesses”


Who Should Attend

Sales directors, leaders, team leaders and managers from all industries who handle sales and want to:
• Improve sales performance
• Improve the performance of their team & bottomline results
• Build and retain a successful and sustainable sales team

Key Benefits to Attendees

Participants will be able to develop a stronger, more focused approach to Maximising Sales Effectiveness by:

Learning how to create a focused and proactive approach to creating, spotting, and maximising sales opportunities with their customers they want to work with
• Developing a clear ‘plan of attack’ to proactively generating the quality and quantity of leads and opportunities they need
•Improving their personal communication skills, particularly in the areas of building rapport, effective questioning, and active listening
•Developing sales techniques that get the results and tailoring them to their own situation – this is not about ‘scripts’
•Strengthening their negotiation skills and using these effectively in their ongoing deals with their customers
•Maximising their customer relationships in a personalised way that helps to create customer loyalty, more opportunities, and more sales!
•‘Owning’ what they learn by creating their own personalised Maximising Sales Effectiveness plan to help them deliver on their goals and targets

Course Outline


    What Makes A Great Sales Person?
•    Group exercise: What do the best sales people have and do?
•     A chance to take some time out and reflect on how you perform in ‘the areas that count’ and identify your own key factors for success.
•    Output: Your own Personal ‘Maximise Your Sales Effectiveness’ Development Plan to help you focus
      Common Selling Mistakes And How To Avoid Them
•    Group exercise: Exploring the common mistakes many sales people make
•    Introducing proven methods to avoid them
•    How do you measure up?
•    Output: A chance to evaluate your own approach and identify areas for improvement

Developing A Sales Framework
•    Introducing the concept and the benefits of developing a ‘sales framework’ to help you maximise the sales process: targeting, preparation, building trust, rapport and credibility, identifying customer needs, finding a solution for the customer, selling the benefits of your offer, spotting buying signals, handling objections, negotiating for results, closing the sale, following up and maximising your ongoing relationships
•    Output: Development of your own personalised framework to help you develop a proactive approach
Create A Strategic Focus
•    The importance and benefits of thinking and working ‘strategically’ to help focus your time, resources and efforts
•    Establishing clear goals and targets and using these to drive your personal performance
•    Taking a ‘strategic approach’ to establishing clear, measurable milestones and using these to help them drive you forward
•    Individual Exercise: Develop your own key goals, targets and ‘strategic plan’ using our template
•    Output: Your own personalised strategic plan to help you achieve your sales goals

Choose Them Or Lose Them!
•    The importance of focussing on the right customers
•    How to identify your ‘best’ customers (and your worst!)
•    Group Exercise: Case Study – Choose ‘Em Or Lose ‘Em In Practice
•    Individual Exercise: Establishing your own criteria to help identify those ‘best’ customers
•    Output: Identification of your ‘best’ customers and where to focus your efforts

Sales Activity Planning
•    The benefits of developing a sales activity plan and how to do it
•    Individual Exercise: Establishing your own plan to ensure you hit your targets
•    Output: Your own individual sales activity plan to help you achieve your targets

Get Prepared! Preparation And Planning
•    The benefits of preparation and the key ingredients of doing it effectively
•    Practical tools to ensure that you make the most of your sales meetings
•    How to get the appropriate information about your customer, their background, their expectations, their ‘history’
•    Understanding their DMU (Decision Making Unit) – how to identify who’s in it, what they want, who has the influence and how you can manage and maximise it
•    Output: Your own ‘checklist’ to help you maximise the effectiveness of your preparation

Building Rapport, Trust And Credibility
•    Why people buy from people they like and trust
•    Proven techniques for building rapport with people – it’s about what you say, and how you say it, it’s about getting to know the customer and finding commonality
•    Demonstrating your own credibility in a way that helps build and reinforce trust
•    Output: Tools and techniques you can use to build rapport, trust and credibility and improve the impact you have on people

Understanding Communication Styles
•    Understanding the different styles; Auditory, Visual, Kinaesthetic, and Intellectual
•    How to spot the signals
•    Individual Exercise: Identify your own communication style
•    Handling different customers and their style
•    Output: A better understanding of your own communication style and how to identify your customer’s style

Effective Questioning Techniques
•    How the best sales people find out what customers actually want before they start ‘selling’ to them
•    ‘Open’, ‘Closed’, and ‘Leading’ questions: the difference of the benefits of each
•    Creating conversations using ‘open’ questions
•    Group Exercise: Questioning in practice
•    Individual Exercise: Developing your own questions to use with your prospects and customers
•    Output: Your own set of questions to help you identify and maximise opportunities

Active Listening Skills
•    Why people don’t listen
•    ‘Active Listening’ – how to do it
•    Group Exercise: Active listening in action
•    Output: Tools and techniques to improve your listening skills

Problem Seeking, Problem Solving – A Proven Way To Spot Opportunities
•    How to find your customer’s ‘pain’ through the effective questioning, ‘amplifying’ that ‘pain’, and then ‘taking it away’
•    Individual Exercise: Developing your own framework for your own business and customers
•    Output: Your own ‘problem seeking – problem solving’ toolkit to help you spot and create opportunities

Selling ‘Benefits’, not Features – Differentiating Your Offer To Your Customer
•    Differentiating your offer to your customer
•    Turning your ‘features’ into benefits – What does it do for your customer?
•    Practical tools and techniques on how to do this
•    Individual Exercise: Developing your own ‘benefits’
•    Output: Identification of the specific benefits of your products and services

It’s All About Story Telling!
•    Why stories work – a powerful way of providing ‘real’ case studies and examples that demonstrate those benefits. A ‘story telling’ framework you can adapt and use for your own business
•    Group Exercise: A chance to develop and tell your own ‘stories’!
•    Output: The development of your own ‘stories’ to help you maximise your message

Handling ‘Objections’
•    Handling objections effectively through the CARE technique
•    Group Exercise: Putting it into practice
•    Identifying and preparing for ‘common’ objections
•    Output: Your own objection handling tool


Negotiating For Results
•    Group Exercise: Negotiation in action!
•    Why negotiations ‘fail’
•    The key factors for success and establishing a ‘framework’ for successful negotiation: Establishing your ‘preferred outcomes’, your ‘fall back’ and your ‘walk away’ positions, developing a clear understanding of your customer, their objectives, their influencers, their needs and their style, and ‘Doing The Deal’!
•    Tools and techniques for negotiation ‘tactics’: Discounting ‘discounts’; negotiating ‘win – win’ outcomes and recognising when it’s time to ‘walk’!
•    Output: Your own negotiation resource pack

 Spotting The Buying Signals
•    Identifying when your customer is ready to buy
•    Spotting opportunities
•    Maximising opportunities by ‘selling up’ and ‘selling on’ appropriately
•    Output: Proven tools and techniques to maximise opportunities  

‘Closing The Sale’
•    Why people don’t buy
•    Effective closing techniques
•    How to ‘ask for the business’
•    Individual Exercise: Developing your own closing techniques
•    Output: Develop closing techniques that work for you

Following Up Effectively
•    The barriers and benefits to ‘following up’
•    How to follow up in a non-aggressive manner
•    Effective follow up techniques that work
•    Output: A follow up process that works for you

Creating Ongoing Dialogue With Your Customers
•    Why customers quit and how to avoid it
•    Engaging your customers through ongoing ‘dialogue’
•    Creating ‘the ties that bind’ – Creating, sustaining, and developing a ‘recipe’ that works for each of your customers
•    Exceeding customer expectations… that’s ‘Customer Delight’!
•    Group Exercise: What this means for you and your customers
•    Output: Develop your own ‘dialogue’ plans with your customers

Forget CRM, Think MCR: ‘Maximise’ Your Customer Relationships
•    Proactively developing relationships that give the best to and get the best from the customers that you want.
•    ‘Share of customer’ – a strategic approach to helping develop ongoing maximised relationships with the customers that you want to do more business with.
•    Practical ideas and proven tools to seriously improve the level of service you provide, as well as developing more profitable relationships with your customers.
•    Output: Develop your own routes to maximise your customer relationships

Maximising Your Sales Effectiveness: Your Personal Plan Of Action…
•    Group Exercise: A chance to review, reflect and revisit what you’ve learnt, and importantly, what you’re going to do
•    Create your own Sales Improvement Plan – using our template to help you to identify the actions you’ll be taking to ‘Maximise Sales Effectiveness’.
•    Output: Your own Sales Improvement Plan

For the full outline of the program kindly contact us at

In-House Training
If you have group of people with similar needs and you are looking for more cost – effective approach, Rembell Group will bring this course directly to your workplace. Further, this course can be customized to fit specific requirements and needs of your organization. For more information on this kindly contact us at:






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