Mind Mapping & Strategic Thinking Kuala Lumpur

Mind Mapping & Strategic Thinking - The uses of these two techniques are limited only by the human imagination and mind mapping is already used successfully as a business tool by many from planning tasks through to solving complex business challenges.


November 14, 2018 - 8:00 am


November 15, 2018 - 5:00 pm


Pullman Hotel Kuala Lumpur Bangsar   View map

5th Time is A Charm in 2018 : Barry Mapp & Rembell Group

November 2018, Kuala Lumpur – When Barry Mapp runs the “Mind Mapping and Strategic Thinking” two day Masterclass he usually discovers that some of the participants are already doing Mind Mapping and that they attend the course to improve the effectiveness of the technique and also to find out how to link it into Strategic Thinking. But at the course on 14th and 15th Nov it was interesting to discover that none of the participants had not come across Mind Mapping before – so they were in for a real treat – on the one hand learning a range of strategies to enhance their thinking skills (yes strategic thinking is a learnable skill set!) and on the other hand learning a totally new technique for them – the skill of being an effective Mind Mapper – to help improve both personal and professional effectiveness.

This is not a ‘chalk and talk’ masterclass, and much of the learning is done through individual exercises, working in pairs and on the second day working in two teams. At the end of the two days the participant feedback was excellent. Not only did everyone learn about how their brain works (after all it is the brain that generates our thinking) but they also learnt about the limitations of our current knowledge, about how strategic thinking needs to embrace ambiguity and uncertainty and the importance of using simple models to understand the brain, thinking, and knowledge. Throughout the two days all the participants said that they had discovered things that “they didn’t know they didn’t know!”. It is also fair to say that they all found Mind Mapping a fascinating and useful technique and some of the participants said they would definitely encourage their children to learn the technique to help them with their studies.


Although approximately 50% of mind mapping enthusiasts use it for some degree of project management, mind mapping is also being used across organizations to:
•    Increase productivity
•    Enhance meetings
•    Simplify request for proposals (RFP)
•    Overview knowledge management
•    Optimize project management
•    Improve collaboration and communication
•    Improve strategic thinking

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