Mind Mapping & Strategic Thinking - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This 2-day course will introduce you to new ways of thinking, communicating and delivering proven business strategies that can significantly improve organizational effectiveness and personal productivity.


November 6, 2019 - 9:00 am


November 7, 2019 - 5:00 pm


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This 2-day course will introduce you to new ways of thinking, communicating and delivering proven business strategies that can significantly improve organizational effectiveness and personal productivity.

Mind maps have an awesome power to map, distil and convey information, and to explain relationships and ideas in a way the written word cannot. It is a technique that will help you become a truly successful leader, manager, communicator, negotiator, and speaker.

A survey by mind mapping expert Chuck Frey, shows that business users of mind mapping believe their productivity has increased on average by 25%. Although approximately 50% of mind mapping enthusiasts use it for some degree of project management, mind mapping is also being used across organizations to:
•    Increase productivity
•    Enhance meetings
•    Simplify request for proposals (RFP)
•    Overview knowledge management
•    Optimize project management
•    Improve collaboration and communication
•    Improve strategic thinking

Facilitated by BSc, DMS, DipCBBarry Mapp


“No.1 personal development expert on effective mind mapping and strategic thinking”

Who Should Attend

This course is relevant to all levels in an organisation. From planning tasks through to solving complex business challenges.
The uses of these two techniques are limited only by the human imagination and mind mapping is already used successfully as a business tool by many Chief Executives, HR Directors, Managers, Management Consultants, Project Managers, Engineers, Designers, Teachers and many more.
We recommend this course to anyone who cares about their professional development.

Key Benefits to Attendees

  • Gain competence in a wide range of learning, thinking and knowledge skills
  • Acquire a full range of strategic thinking competence
  • Enhance all modes of thinking using mind mapping as a ‘thought scaffold’
  • Using mind mapping to give clarity to thinking and to improve communications with others
  • Using mind mapping to enhance personal and professional planning, productivity and presentations
  • Improve team-working and leadership skills
  • Use mind mapping to craft business plans, marketing plan and sales plans
  • Become a ‘big picture’ thinker as well as able to hone in on important detail. Being able to see the wood from the trees!

Course Outline


Module One – What is Thinking:

  • Types of thinking
  • Where do our thoughts come from?
  • What style of thinking is required for effective Business?
  • What sabotages good thinking?
  • Mind Mapping as a tool for ‘better thinking’
  • Knowing how we think and about the types of thought are important in order to appreciate whether we’re thinking strategically or not

Module Two – Mind Mapping as a thinking tool:

  • Relevant history and background on Mind Mapping
  • How Mind Mapping helps construct and organize thoughts
  • Visualizing Thinking; Explore and ‘draw out’ both past learning and new ideas.
  • Mind Mapping facilitates Higher-Order Thinking Skills especially meta-thinking (the ability to interrogate our own thoughts)

Module Three – Strategic Thinking

  • Types of Strategic Thinking
  • How other ‘experts’ describe and define Strategic Thinking
  • Discovering the ‘right’ and the ‘wrong’ types of thinking in order to be Strategic.
  • Understanding the importance of ‘models’ for strategic thinking
  • The factors that sabotage Strategic Thought
  • Recognising how the brain ‘works,’ empowers you to become an effective Strategic Thinker
  • How ‘complexity awareness’ changes nearly everything we have been taught

Module Four -
 knowledge understanding and ability to think strategically:

  • What is knowledge and where does it come from?
  • How do we generate new knowledge?
  • Useful v Unuseful knowledge
  • The Four domains of Knowledge
  • System of Profound Knowledge (SoPK)
  • Knowledge and making wise decisions

Mind Mapping Steps



Module Five Learn the Main principles of mind mapping for practical use              

  • Mind mapping as a tool for learning, thinking, planning and organizing.
  • Follow this eight-step process to help you construct effective mind maps
  • Construct personal mind maps that draw out and share existing ideas and beliefs

Module Six – Integrating the first Five Modules.

  • We integrate what we have learnt about how the brain works, how we think, how we access and organize knowledge and how we plan and prepare for the future.
  • Creating a ‘master mind map’

Module Seven – Strategic Thinking and Mind Mapping in Teams

  • This is a practical hands-on module with lots of group and individual exercises related to strategic thinking and mind mapping.
  • De Bono’s Six Hat Thinking as a methodology for effective teamwork.
  • In Teams we work on a project or issue of your choosing, to arrive at solutions using the strategic thinking competencies learnt on the course.

Module Eight – Sharing key insights and strategies with the group

  • Mind Mapping and how it will apply to your company
  • How you can encourage other members of your team to ‘think strategically’.
  • Demonstrating the power of mind mapping to prepare, rehearse and deliver a business presentation
  • Presenting your course insights (as a mind map)
  • Sharing the learning from the workshop and what you intend to do differently in future


Team Work Exercises:
A series of group exercises will demonstrate experientially how Mind Mapping enhances communication within and between teams. Participants will be divided into two (or three) teams to explore various different aspects and models of Strategic Thinking including:
• Horwath’s five step ‘Deep Dive’ Strategy Process
• Hermann’s ‘whole brain’ strategic thinking
• Liedtka’s Strategic thinking competencies – the five major attributes of strategic thinking in practice.
• The five ‘moments’ when it is critical to re-evaluate your Company’s Strategy
• Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge

Each team’s task will be to produce and then share a mind map report of their learning and understanding of the concepts that have been covered and discussed during the exercise.


For the full outline of the program kindly contact us at info@rembellgroup.com
In-House Training
If you have group of people with similar needs and you are looking for more cost – effective approach, Rembell Group will bring this course directly to your workplace. Further, this course can be customized to fit specific requirements and needs of your organization. For more information on this kindly contact us at: iht@rembellgroup.com

For the full outline of the program kindly contact us at info@rembellgroup.comIn-House Training

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